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Terms of Delivery

Delivery area UK

Free Gate Order Delivery

Orders are distributed from the large Midlands based central stores.

With there own trucks delivering regularly to

North, South, East & West of the UK mainland.

Estimated lead times

Standard Approx 2 weeks delivery on any standard non modified gate orders

Custom Approx 4 weeks delivery on any custom / modified gate orders

Do note and take in to account, lead times can vary in busy or during holiday times.

Forward planning:

While we try our hardest to get your products to you in time and in perfect condition, we suggest that you don’t schedule any installation work until a few days after the delivery date.

Please read carefully as the Alumax UK standard gate delivery and returns Ts&Cs are a part of the conditions of sale for the aluminium gate and accessories orders. ​ 

10. Delivery locations: "Mainland UK" is covering Mainland England, Scotland & Wales regions which excludes any isles or Highlands regions.

Please note we do hold the right to make additional charges for delivery in hard to reach or remote locations, If we contact you and advise that there is additional costs involved, you will have the option to cancel your order if you do not agree to the extra cost.

Delivery to Scottish locations is classed mainly as locations as in Dumfries, Ayrshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh,  basically mid / southern regions of Scotland, other northern regions north of Glasgow and Highland areas are additional cost as with any isles or remote locations, please email or call on 07745982048

Delivery to Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland As we are not exporters of goods outside of UK mainland etc, your order can be forwarded to a UK shipping port for you to organise the forwarding from the port to you at your additional cost. The delivery to a UK port would come under "UK Mainland" delivery and you would need to send a email with the forwarding details to us with the order. As we are delivering only to a UK destination, the order will be classed as a sale within the UK. See 10.11 below.

10.1 While the Company will do its best to meet any delivery date given or agreed by it, such dates are estimates and only given in good faith, and the Company will not be liable in the event of the delivery period being exceeded or accelerated for any reason whatsoever.  

10.2. Aluminium standard gates will normally take approximately 2 weeks from order confirmation to delivery.

This may be extended to approx 4 weeks for special / modified orders and non RAL colours.  

10.3 Orders cannot be accepted on the basis of fixed delivery dates/times. Notification will be provided of anticipated despatch and delivery dates.  

Forward planning:

While we try our hardest to get your products to you in time and in perfect condition, we suggest that you don’t schedule any installation work until a few days after the delivery date.


10.4 Where appropriate, customers must ensure that there are sufficient facilities at the delivery address to unload their order.  

10.5 All deliveries must be checked immediately on arrival and the Company must be informed within 5 days of any damages or discrepancies.  As they will be chargeable thereafter.

10.6 Delivery will be at the Customer’s premises unless otherwise agreed in writing expressly.  

10.7 Where the Company agrees to deliver goods or materials to the site, the Customer shall ensure that the Company’s (or Company’s agents) vehicles have proper access and hard road to and from the site sufficient to enable the goods or materials to be delivered and the vehicles to leave with all reasonable speed.  

10.8 The customer or its representative shall ensure enough individuals are present to help with the unloading of the goods.  

10.9 The Company’s basic delivery cost covers delivery to an agreed address within mainland UK on a date provided by the Company.


10.10 If the Customer is unable to accept delivery on this date, additional delivery charges and or storage will be incurred.  to the Company’s price ruling at the date of delivery. 

10.11 Orders that are going to customers outside UK mainland, we do not export orders, we will deliver to a UK port / shipping company address you advise us to send it to, the export of your order is your responsibility to organise and pay for at your cost. including any shipping, export / import taxes, VAT, insurances etc. Orders are classed as a UK sale.

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